A Leading Delivery Service and Courier in Edmonton

Delivery Tech Inc. is a leading delivery service provider and courier in Edmonton, offering a wide range of freight logistics solutions. We also strive to accommodate client’s custom delivery requests that aren’t listed below. Feel free to call or email us with any queries.

Getting the job done right, safely, and efficiently, is central to Delivery Tech Inc.’s mission. We always provide the right amount of staff as your delivery job demands to ensure your delivery is completed properly.

Delivery Tech Inc. is an Edmonton courier and delivery service that always takes the care and caution necessary to ensure your freight and parcels reach their destination unscated. We wrap your items with the padding and secure it with straps to prevent movement and damage during transport as required.

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Delivery Tech Inc.’s contract delivery services can arrange daily transfers of freight from one client to various locations. We offer contract delivery service in Edmonton and many surrounding areas to regular clients.

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If you require boxes, packing material, pallets or wooden crates to meet specific delivery requirements and prepare your freight for road, rail and ocean, Delivery Tech Inc. is happy to provide them.

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Our professional delivery specialists obtain the proper training required to conduct delivery services of dangerous or hazardous materials. We have the equipment, experience, and expertise to get these items to their intended location safely and efficiently.

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Delivery Tech Inc. is happy to provide delivery services on evenings and weekends for our customers, when most other Edmonton courier services are closed.

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Although our delivery services and couriers in Edmonton focus on the capital region, Delivery Tech is pleased to provide freight forwarding services in Edmonton and arrange for your freight’s relocation to anywhere in the world.

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Edmonton hot shot delivery service is for times when you need a package delivered outside of standard shipping operating hours. Our last-minute hot shot and cargo delivery services are available 24/7.

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More than just a delivery service and courier company in Edmonton, we’re always willing to go the extra distance, breaking down materials on pallets and transferring them inside manually as needed.

Delivery Tech Inc. organizes daily transfers of mail and parcel freight from one client to another throughout the capital region.

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We are an Edmonton courier and delivery service with an advanced fleet of vehicles which are equipped with a hydraulic-powered tailgate. This allows us to pick up or deliver freight without using a forklift, and we can handle virtually any delivery service our clients require.

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In addition to our courier services, pickup and delivery services are available within residential areas of Edmonton. However, please be advised, we are a commercial courier in Edmonton. We ARE NOT movers and do not perform entire home moving.

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When you are in a hitch to get your products from point A to point B in a rush, you can put your trust in Delivery Tech to get the job done right.

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At Delivery Tech, we guarantee same day delivery in Edmonton. As long as your request for delivery services or a courier in Edmonton is taken by 10:00 a.m. your freight will be delivered that day.

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When it comes to time sensitive, rush deliveries in Edmonton, look no further than Delivery Tech. Our delivery crews and couriers in Edmonton are always happy to accommodate specific drop times and scheduling to suit your needs.

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Delivery Tech Inc. complements our delivery services with warehousing and storage space to temporarily hold client’s freight. Items can be re-distributed from our warehouse to requested locations when you are ready to ship or receive a load.

If you have a large shipment that you need handled professionally and efficiently, our top-rated drivers are happy to help. Our full truck load service includes blanketing or strapping and are transported with respect to all safety measures and requirements to ensure zero damage to your load.

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For smaller deliveries, our less than truck load service is an economical choice for on-time deliveries. Our organization is top-of-the-line so you can rest assured that your delivery will travel from Point A to Point B without delays or damages.

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We offer same day delivery services for letters and small parcels, for all our delivery zones. Whether you require a minivan or a large high roof style Sprinter van, we’ll have the equipment ready for you on short notice.

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We have a fleet of straight trucks equipped with power tailgate technology. From 1 tons to 5 tons our trucks can pick up pallet loads of freight and delivery with power tailgate service. All our straight trucks are also equipped with 1 pallet jack, 1-two wheel hand dolly, built-in E-track logistic load securement tracks, multiple E-track ratchet straps, 4 blankets. All trucks are ready to respond to any freight move without delay.

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Our Equipment. Your Delivery Service!

    Mini Vans 1 Ton Trucks 5 Ton Trucks Power Tailgates Material Handlers

Rush Deliveries in Edmonton

When you are in a hitch to get your products from point A to point B in a rush, you can put your trust in Delivery Tech to get the job done right. While rush deliveries are not the norm, it’s always safer to bet on a company that’s reliable and accountable for exceeding your expectations. As a courier delivery service that can help your small to medium business needs, Delivery Tech can help your small online business keep up with the various shipping options that a large online e-retailer can offer.

Giving your customers the option to choose rush deliveries will allow you to boost customer satisfaction as well as increase your visibility as a resourceful e-commerce vendor.

While one or two-day rush deliveries are expensive options for your customer base, you can rest assured that Edmonton’s Delivery Tech will always offer you the best services with the most competitive rates.

You can easily request our rush delivery services regardless of how big or small your delivery may be. We also specialize in a broad spectrum of delivery needs for various sectors – so, you’ll never have to worry about whether we are able to accommodate.

At Delivery Tech, we strive to partner with you to provide the most streamlined rush order services to give you the peace of mind. We take the stress out of the logistics so you can focus more on providing your client base with the very best of what you’ve got to offer with your products. With Delivery Tech, you can expect:

  • Customization – rush orders can come with a range of requests that is different from standard delivery options. As such, our professional staffs are trained to cater to your specific courier needs whether your customer is in need of a last minute order, or if they need products shipped to them quickly. We aim to find a delivery option that is just right for you and your customer.
  • Higher customer satisfaction levels – when deliveries are shipped quickly to the end customer, they are more likely to express higher levels of satisfaction with the company they ordered from. With Delivery Tech, you can expect our courier services to provide exactly the type of timely rush services that will help you get returning customers.
  • Excellent customer service – top notch customer satisfaction is our top priority at Delivery Tech. This is especially important when it comes to rush delivery services where it’s all about real-time communication, and meeting quick deadlines. You can expect the very best when choosing Delivery Tech for your rush deliveries.
  • Experienced staffs – Delivery Tech has been in the courier delivery industry since 2006. We understand the needs and importance of rush deliveries and how it could make or break a successful business and its products.

As a consistent and dependable courier delivery company, backed up by years of logistics experience, Delivery Tech is a licensed and certified company that handles all types of rush shipments with care, while adhering to tight deadlines and client delivery requirements. Contact us today to inquire with us about our rush delivery services, we would love to find the right fit for your company’s needs!

Some deliveries are higher priority than others and require rushed service. We offer both rushed and same-day deliveries that will transport your packages from Point A to Point B in just a few hours when you’re in a rush.


Our warehousing and distribution services are available for all of your crating, packing, and palletizing needs. Our warehouse is equipped with multi-temperature storage so you can schedule your deliveries and let us handle the distribution of your goods for you.

Residential Courier Services

Our residential delivery services are perfect for homebodies who want their parcels delivered straight to their door. Our drivers will make your residential deliveries with courtesy and a smile.

Contract Runs

We work with companies as a contract service to handle their daily shipments and deliveries to ease the burden of on-demand deliveries.