Blanket And Strap Courier Edmonton

Regular cardboard or wooden moving boxes provide sufficient protection from impacts. They'll protect your possessions from hard objects, keep all items in one place, and make it easier to load shipments into trucks. But they don't provide complete protection so even if you choose good quality packing materials, sometimes the items inside do become damaged. At Delivery Tech, we recommend blanket and strap courier in Edmonton to help keep all items secure.

What is Blanket and Strap Courier Service?

The blanket wrap and strap process is ideal for fragile times because it offers soft protection. Sometimes rattling around inside a hard box or case causes more damage than the impact from foreign objects. If these items are wrapped securely in blankets, they won't become damaged. The soft moving blankets will absorb the impact, keeping your items secure even if they roll around or come loose during a journey.

Once the shipment is wrapped in a moving blanket, it is strapped to a crate securely. This combination offers maximum protection. Blankets used in moving are specially designed to form a thick barrier between the shipment and outside environment. Straps are resilient, designed to withstand a considerable amount of load without breaking. If secured properly, your shipment won't move from its place and will be protected during its journey.

When do You Need Blanket and Strap Courier Services in Edmonton?

This level of protection isn't necessary for all kinds of shipments. Some items are quite resilient and will remain unharmed during rough moving conditions even if they're stored in regular moving boxes. Blankets and straps are recommended under the following circumstances:

  • Oddly shaped - Some items can't be placed inside regular moving boxes and require malleable protection. For example, furniture pieces of different shapes or sizes can't be placed inside regular moving boxes easily. Wrapping them up in blankets is a good idea.
  • Delicate finish - If your shipment has a delicate finish that can easily develop scratch or scoff markets, a blanket will provide maximum protection. For instance, a brand new car has a delicate finish, wrapping it is a soft material can protect it from environmental factors like flying dust or debris.
  • Fragile items - Delicate objects like glass figurines, crystal light fixtures, etc, require soft protection as well. These items can be wrapped up in moving blankets to ensure no impact can harm them.

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