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Incorporated in 2006, Delivery Tech Inc. is owned and operated by freight professional Neil Lakshman, providing a full range of delivery services and hot shot services in Edmonton and the capital region.

With more than 18 years experience, Neil started out as an owner/operator with another courier company in 1996. Since then, he has delivered a variety of products from stationery and office supplies to oilfield equipment for various clients around Alberta. During this time, Neil also operated a residential moving company to supplement his income. Moving Albertans enabled him to visit many small towns and communities, where he came to learn and appreciate different lifestyles and cultures. This combination of hard work and appreciation for regular people provided Neil with a sterling reputation for exceptional delivery services and hot shot in Edmonton. Soon, he had his own fleet of trucks to provide fast, efficient freight delivery service for his clients at competitive rates.

Even now, Neil has no problem jumping in a spare truck on busy days to maintain the high level of customer service himself and Delivery Tech Inc. have become known for. As a business owner, Neil is always willing to learn, listen and work with his clients in order to meet their goals and exceed their expectations. All of his trucks must be decaled with Delivery Tech's brand, and every staff member must be in uniform, look presentable, carry a friendly disposition and treat freight with the utmost care and respect. This professional attitude and commitment to customer service are what Neil's past and present clients can attest to. Make one delivery with Delivery Tech Inc., and you'll see why they keep coming back!

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