1-Ton Trucks

The versatility to handle small and pallet freight.

1 Ton Trucks

small cargo vans

In need of something a little sturdier but small enough for your transport? 1 Ton Trucks offer both of these conveniences while still being dock level. All of Delivery Tech’s 1 Ton Trucks are equipped with power tailgate technology to ensure that when there is no loading dock available, you’re still able to load your freight. The power tailgate will raise and lower on hydraulic power, allowing the driver to load and unload palletized freight near effortlessly. These trucks are versatile, as they are able to handle small to pallet freight. This makes them a good choice to send out for various calls. 1 Ton trucks also have a lower height clearance, which enables them to back into height restricted loading docks such as hotels, fast food restaurants, and downtown buildings, making them perfect for Edmonton. Delivery Tech makes sure that each 1 Ton Truck has a single pallet jack, one dolley, two blankets, 2 e-track logistics bars and 4 e-track logistic straps for load securement are included for the customer’s convenience.

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