Medium Cargo Vans

Medium cargo vans are good for long and short distance transport, and a good choice for transporting goods in busy urban areas.

Medium Cargo Vans

medium cargo vans

Medium Cargo Vans are a great choice for clients who need to haul small freight such as envelopes or banker-style boxes, but require much more room to do so. Medium Cargo Vans can fit up to two pallets of product, and have ten feet of cargo space available at the client’s disposal. Medium Cargo Vans are good for long and short distance transport, but are also good choices for transporting goods in busy urban areas and can get deliverables to a location faster than a delivery truck. They also have doors that open wide enough for forklifts, which makes loading much easier. Medium Cargo Vans from Delivery Tech also come with freight securement tie-downs for the client’s convenience. As with all of Delivery Tech’s vans, they also come with heated compartments that will keep freight above 0°C and front wheel drive to keep the driver and cargo safe.

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